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Heavy Duty Labels - How Tough Actually Are They?

We supply heavy duty, durable labels to a diverse range of sectors and businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to match labelling solutions to even the harshest of environments, such as in the steel, metal and engineering or construction sectors, where materials can be subjected to extreme conditions.

Clear, concise labelling supports full product traceability. The most important thing when it comes to heavy duty, industrial labels, is that vital data is maintained throughout production, processing and distribution.

With our heavy duty labels, your product will arrive with labels and data intact and readable.

Here’s a guide to some of the super-tough materials we use in our heavy duty labels.


We developed and pioneered these labels in the early 1990’s. A lot has changed since then, but the virtually indestructible strength of our Rip-Proof labels remains the same! Rip-Proof heavy duty labels are made from woven polyester for superb multi-directional stability. You can add any variable information or barcodes easily via thermal transfer printing thanks to the smooth coating on one side of the label.

If you need colour-coded or highly visible heavy duty labels, Rip-Proof is also ideal, as they are available in a range of colours.

If you work in construction or heavy engineering, Rip-Proof labels may be the perfect heavy duty labelling solution for you, as they can be stitched into woven textiles such as sacks and tarpaulins. Even after punching, nicking or cutting Rip-proof tags do not tear making them suitable for attaching using nails, welded studs, clips or wires.  Rip-proof has no memory meaning it springs back to its original form after creasing and crushing which is an important factor in maintaining barcode readability in industrial environments where mechanical handling is the norm.

Not only are Rip-Proof labels extremely strong, but they can withstand temperatures up to 200°c!



For a heavy duty labelling solution which can be used in a laser printer, our Laserplas labels are unbeatable. Laserplas labels offer exceptional print quality, as well as good temperature resistance and, of course, supreme strength. They are made to support trouble-free printer feeding, and can be used with both mono and colour laser printers.

These labels can be easily attached to your product or containers, and they come in a variety of formats, including:




Laserplas is commonly used for horticultural labels, such as stick-in plant labels, thanks to their excellent weather-resistant properties.


Mattrans Extreme

Self-adhesive labels which were stuck securely to steel at the beginning of a journey can fail as the surface of the steel begins to flake.

We offer a highly aggressive, heavy duty permanent self-adhesive material – Mattrans Extreme in order to meet this challenge.  The high coat weight of the adhesive provides good initial grab which continues to interact with the surface of the steel in the days following application to result in an unbreakable bond.

Our Mattrans Extreme self-adhesive labels can be a great asset in applications where most labels have repeatedly failed.

Labels can sometimes be an afterthought, but consider how important they really are to ensuring your operations run smoothly, and your ability to trade effectively. If your labels contain your branding, your reputations is at stake every time one is applied. If you have had labels let you down in the past, contact IML today to find out how we could help you

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