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Industries and Applications

Chemical IBC's
Solutions for Chemicals
Bricks ready for dispatch
Solutions for Construction
Trays of baked goods
Solutions for Food
Plant pot
Solutions for Horticulture
Suitcases ready for flight
Solutions for Leisure
Doctor waiting to see patient
Solutions for Healthcare
Hot metal processing
Solutions for Metals & Engineering
Moulded tags and nameplates
Moulded Tags & Nameplates
Timber banner
Solutions for Timber
Multi-coloured wristbands
Row of bins
Solutions for Waste Management
Rolls of labels in storage
Other Applications

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Whatever your application, Dura-ID Solutions has the expertise to guide you towards the best identification solution for your business.

As an identification solutions provider, Dura-ID Solutions can provide you with a full in-house identification system to allow you to identify products during the early stages of processing or manufacture. From labels, tags and printers to software and support.

Dura-ID Solutions are your one-stop identification shop.

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