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    Chemical Labels

    Our chemical labels withstand demanding applications and environments, speeding up production turnaround and increasing efficiency and workflow.

    Dura-ID Solutions are the largest manufacturer in Europe for labels specifically used within the Chemical Industry. 
    Our range of chemical label products are suitable for a variety of packaging sizes from a 1000 litre IBC to a 25ml sample vial. For hazardous or non-hazardous labelling, pre-printed or plain labels; then we probably have what you need. Some of our labelling products are available from stock on a next day service.

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      Printing Solutions

      Time for a new printing solution? Here at Dura-ID Solutions our team of experts have worked with many chemical manufacturers throughout Europe to implement business effective and on-demand label printing.

      See how our print solutions could help you –

      Representing printer brands like Zebra, Toshiba, TSC, OKI, Epson and Neuralabel; this allows us to review your needs and offer the solution that will meet your requirements. 

      We may even recognise some business improvements from working with similar companies on chemical label projects.

      Chemical Print Solutions

      Drum & IBC Labelling

      Drum labels are typically A4 or A5 size to meet the GHS and CLP requirements for identifying hazardous products. For products being exported it is also highly important that the label remains with the product and achieves full section 3 BS5609 compliance to meet IMDG regulations.

      Often when a compliant label is placed on the drum/IBC then additional labels, such as warning diamonds and batch labels may be required. Dura-ID provide solutions which allow you to eliminate the need for several labels.

      Our “combination label” is a plain label in larger formats that can be utilised to capture GHS, transport diamonds, company logo’s, batch, and barcode information – ideal for printing on the Neuralabel 550e.

      Combination Label

      Keg & Container Labels

      Typically, a range of shapes and sizes from 5 to 25 litres, the size of the packaging denotes the size of label required in line with CLP and GHS requirements.

      Dura-ID manufacture a range of suitable sizes in roll and sheet format dependant on your needs. 

      Thermal transfer, inkjet and laser printers have the capability to support varying sizes, so maybe one printer can print labelling to suit a range of packaging sizes.

      Full colour label on chemical bottle

      Smaller Packaging, Lab Labelling & Bottle Labelling

      Be it a simple GHS label or a fully printed product branding label for retail environments, Dura-ID produce an array of sizes to suit your needs.

      Included in this is our labelling software – that allows you to control all aspects of your labelling in-house.

      Thermal transfer printers can overprint variable data onto pre-printed formats, plain labels in inkjet or laser printable materials can be supplied that are ideal to work alongside our range of Epson and OKI colour solutions.

      The OKI C650 is ideal for full colour printing on sheets and the Epson range of printers are ideal for retail ready packaging.

      Two colour chemical bottle label

      Pre-Printed Diamonds

      If you are applying transport warning diamonds, we can supply these in small quantities from our online store.

      For volumes over 5,000 then please get in touch so we can send you pricing.

      Have you also thought about incorporating your warning diamonds into your main GHS label formats? 

      Our technical team would be more than happy to talk you through how this can be achieved. 

      Our “combination label” reduces the need for several labels on one piece of packaging, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

      Pre-printed Diamonds

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      Whatever your application, Dura-ID Solutions has the expertise to guide you towards the best identification solution for your business.

      As an identification solutions provider, Dura-ID Solutions can provide you with a full system to allow you to take all your labelling requirements in-house. Alongside labels, we also offer printers, software, consumables and technical support.

      Get in touch

        Get in touch with Dura-ID Solutions and speak to our expert team to find out more about how we can help, or learn more about our extensive range of label services and software.


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