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Frequently Asked Questions

As a business, Dura-ID Solutions are a world leader in innovative and high performance identification solutions. As such, we receive a number of commonly asked questions regarding to us, our labels, our printers and our services. We’ve answered a number of common questions below – if your question isn’t answered simply get in touch and one of our team will be happy to advise you.

With UK manufacturing sites located in Paignton, Durham, Mansfield and Sheffield; Dura-ID Solutions has the capability to solve complex identification problems where other providers have failed. Innovation, continuous improvement and industry expertise help us remain at the forefront of high performance branding or full product traceability. Unique products, technical thinking and impartial advice, delivered through a network of Dura-ID staff, distributors and overseas partners allows us to supply successfully to over 40+ countries.

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General FAQs

What Labels & Tags Are Recyclable?

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We pride ourselves in being able to offer kerside, and industrial recylable labels to our customers.
Kerside Recyclable
- Polyplas - HDPE - Class 2
- Multiplas – HDPE - Class 2
- High Temp Polyester – HDPE - Class 2
- Laserplas - PET – Class 1

Industrial Recycling
- Direct Thermal PE Tags – Class 5
- Thermoplas 300 – Class 3

What range of temperatures do you offer?

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Here at Dura-ID we offer a solution for the temperature resistance you require up to 1000°C.
Our self-adhesive range can withstand temperatures as low as -80°C which is our Deep Freeze material used in medical environments, all the way up to +350°C.
For our tag materials, we have products that will handle tamperatures as low as -40°C and products that will go up to +600°C that is a unique product called Thermo-Tag which is exclusive to Dura-ID.
Our close working relationship with a partner in the US allows us to provide tags that can withstand up to 1000°C.

We recommend testing the product you're going to use within your own environment before going ahead with a full order.

Where in the world do you offer full support?

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Dura-ID Solutions have several offices across the UK, so we provide full support across the UK including Ireland. We also have partners in Netherlands, India, and Scandinavia.

Chemical Labels FAQs

What materials are BS5609 Approved?

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Here at Dura-ID Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a supplier of BS5609 approved label media. Our Polyolefin material when used in conjunction with one of our approved print solutions will create a fully 3-part BS5609 Approved label for shipping via sea in compliance with maritime law. Discuss your requirements with us or check out our range of approved print combinations.
Chemical Labels

What printers can I use with your media to make my label fully BS5609 Approved?

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Dura-ID pride themselves in offering the ‘full solution’ to customers. Therefore, we offer fully BS5609 approved systems. Our OKI C650 and Neuralabel products are fully BS5609 approved when used with our polyolefin material – allowing a full 3-part BS5609 certification. The OKI C650 is ideal for in-house printing on sheets up to A4 size and are a great choice for chemical companies labelling smaller containers such as jerry cans, bottles, tubs, and vials. The Neuralabel 550e is also fully compliant to 3 parts when used with polyolefin. This printer uses media up to 8” wide to provide effective labelling of drums and IBCs – creating a ‘combination’ label,where all of your product information, warning and transport diamonds can be printed on to a single label.

Business FAQs

What can I get from the Online Division?

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Dura-ID's online division offers an enormous selection off PAT Test Labels, Health & Safety Labels, Asset Tags, Custom Designed Labels and Pre-Printed Horticulture Labels with very small minimum order quantities - making us your ideal choice for smaller jobs.

Let us save you time having to trawl the internet in search of that elusive label. Simply tell us what you want and if we don’t stock it, our design team will come up with the perfect solution for you. We hold a range of blank labels that we can print your design onto, without any additional cost!
Visit the Online Division

What does the Mouldings site do?

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Dura-ID’s Mouldings site in Shirebrook specialises in unique badging and long-wearing product identification solutions. Whether this be a branding badge for your speaker, call-out information badges for your shutter doors or a sports association badge to identify your members – our mouldings division has the capability to provide it.
The Mouldings site specialises in small to medium run volumes and can also provide vinyl labels, decals, and lettering.

We also have an online store for various digitally printed and custom products.
Visit Mouldings Store

Systems FAQs

Do you offer consumables?

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Yes, we offer consumables for all the printers we supply and can source printer spares from brands such as OKI, Epson, Toshiba, Zebra, NeuraLabel and TSC.

Thermal Transfer Consumables
We can supply wax, resin and wax/resin ribbons compatible with printers including TSC Toshiba & Zebra. These are available in a range of sizes depending on your application. We can also supply printer parts such as printheads, cutters and internal rewinders.

Full Colour Consumables
We can supply toners in CMYK and white where needed for OKI printers. We can also ink cartridges for our Epson range. Alongside various optional extras for our ranges including drum units, fuser belts, maintenance boxesw and more.

What support is available for software and printers?

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Our in-house technical team at Dura-ID support all our customers with any assistance they need with their printers or software. We offer a variety of support, including on-site assistance and remote sessions. Our team also offer training where required when you are setting up a brand-new system to ensure you are happy. We can also come on to site to help set your printer up and get you printing as fast as possible. We offer annual support contracts to ensure you get prioritised with your queries or when you’re in need of a helping hand.

Software FAQs

Which software will suit my needs?

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Dura-ID have a range of label design software to suit all requirements. All the software we offer is Windows based, so will work with any Windows based printer and computer you have on site. Our software is currently not supported on iOS or Linux devices. Our LabelDirect software is for use with thermal transfer printers within manufacturing environments such as EnLabel can be used with both thermal transfer and full colour printers. Making it an ideal option if you think you may move towards a full colour solution in the future. HLS is our horticultural label design software. Coming in two ‘levels’ of either thermal transfer use (HLS Pro) or full colour (HLS Pro+). This software is great for creating single or full colour horticultural labels. BarTender is the most sophisticated software we offer for use with full colour printers. If you need easy flexible artwork changes and linking to sophisticated databases this is the software, we recommend for your needs. Speak to our systems team today so we can ensure a best fit solution for you.

Can I integrate my EPOS system with your horticultural software?

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OUR HLS software can work in conjunction with a variety of databases. However, HLS does not offer stock management, it can however create and print barcodes on to your labels. This would mean that the links between your stock management system and the HLS barcodes produced would be a requirement. If you have an EPOS or stock management system you would like to utilise alongside HLS – get in touch with our horticultural team who can assist.

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