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Pipex Sticks with IML's Mattrans Extreme

Giants of civil construction Pipex challenged IML to supply industrial strength adhesive labels to support their rebranding excercise in harsh conditions.

Marketing Assistant for Pipex commented “Pipex px MARRS (multi angle rapid railing systems) are entirely unique, low weight, corrosion resistant FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) handrails specifically designed for a range of applications.  Manfactured by Pipex in advanced phenolic composite or high perforamce polyester materials.  Pipex px MARRS are ideal for new build or retrofit installation on offshore platforms, FPSO’s, wind farms and other harsh environments.

Due to the highly durable and corrosion resistant properties of Pipex’s products they are more often than not situated in outdoor, harsh environments.  With this in mind, it is imperative than any self adhesive labels applied for marketing purposes are durable and have as long a life as possible whilst the products are in transit and during installation.  IML were able to meet these demands and we have been very happy with the longevity of the Mattrans Extreme labels.