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Food Packaging Labels

Retail labels that make your products stand out.

Dura-ID now serves the retail sector, leveraging our manufacturing expertise to cover all your retail labelling needs. Choose from fully printed shelf-ready labels, blanks for in-house printing, or part-printed solutions. 

Dura-ID Food Retail Labels

Products and Services

Print High Quality Retail Labels on Demand

Our in-house printing solutions offer an efficient and cost-effective option for adding variable product information and creating branded labels quickly. Not only do we offer print solutions  From beautiful eye-catching food labels, down to case labels and shelf-edge tickets, we have a solution for you.

Food Packaging Labels

Create eye-catching shelf ready labels with an in-house print solution from Dura-ID and plain label material.

You can create labels using a variety of our print solutions including the Epson range of printers and the OKI Pro 1050.

Create everything your brand needs:

  • C-Wrap labels
  • Food-on-the-Go labels
  • Pouch labels
  • Jar labels
  • Bottle labels

and more.

When you’re producing high volumes of products, in-house printing for your labels isn’t always the most suitable option. So get in touch and we can pre-print your labels for you.

FoP Nutrition Labels

Maintain full product traceability of baked goods and their ingredients, including allergen identification, using Dura-ID Solutions’ specialised range of high-temperature tags.

Our heat resistant tags withstand temperatures from -30°C to +300°C making them ideal for products which are oven baked or steamed during production but stored and distributed at low temperatures without any label degradation.  

With a variety of formats, sizes and printing options available, our high temperature traceable tags are suitable for a wide range of operations and can be supplied plain or pre-printed for you to over print at your premises with a suitable in-house printer.

Wineglass Labels

Used for labelling netted products like citrus fruit, vegetables, and mini cheese selections, our wineglass tags are durable and tear-resistant. 

We can offer fully recyclable material in direct thermal and thermal transfer printable options for printing batch does and can pre-print in full colour.

Bunch Tags

Our bunch tags are perfect for wrapping fresh products, such as daffodils or asparagus. All while reducing your carbon impact. 

Using eco-friendly and high-quality materials, our solution is cost-effective and reliable.

Choose from a range of sizes and shapes to best suit your products.

Drink Labels

Dura-ID can provide you with pre-printed drink labels for beers, spirits, fizzy drinks and hot drinks.

We can also provide you with plain labels that allow you to print in-house and on-demand. Personalise drink packaging for small batches whilst minimising waste.

We offer a variety of printers and label combinations from clear to silver, gold, and white. 

Couple with a finishing unit to cut out any bespoke shape you need.

Shelf-Edge Labels

A must in the retail environment, shelf-edge labels display product names, pricing, and promotional information.

Grab your customers’ attention at the point of purchase with full colour shelf-edge labels. Utilising the Epson C4000 and inkjet material you can print what you need quickly in store. 

We also offer thermal transfer printable shelf-edge material so you can still print on-demand, just in black.

Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

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