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Full Colour In-House Inkjet Printers

Why Epson?

Flexibility, cost and quality.

The Epson range of printers offers incredible durability and UV resistance thanks to their pigmented ink systems. You can also recycle your cartridges with the Epson Cartridge Recycling Scheme.

Extra peace of mind is always important, and with CoverPlus available on all of our printers, it can become one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Epson C4000

Epson CW 4000e

The Epson Colorworks C4000e makes printing high quality labels at a cost effective price achievable. This small footprint, high resolution printer uses fast drying ink that is smudge and water resistant which allows you to produce shelf-ready labels with huge savings. Printing labels up to 4 inches wide makes it an ideal fit for short-runs of labels.

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Epson CW 6000 Ae or Pe

Designed with small to medium print batch customers, all operations can be handled from the front of the printer, meaning that even small workspaces can be utilised. High-resolution, full-colour label printing has never been easier with print widths up to 4 inches.

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Epson C6000
Epson C6500 - Full Colour Label Printer

Epson CW 6500 Ae or Pe

Choose versatility witht he Epson C6500, offering label widths from 1 inch up to 8.5 inches. This small to medium run printer is integration friendly and ideal for almost any inkjet label media including highly durable, die-cut labels and continuous media due to the moveable sensor. 

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Epson CW 7500

Ideal for larger volume runs on labels up to 4 inches wide. The Epson CW7500 prints at unrivalled speed and can be coupled with a rewind to utilise the printed labels straight on to an applicator.

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Epson CW 7500

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