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Construction Labels

Ensuring product safety in your company.

We are here to help support product identification across the construction sector, from window manufacturers to low carbon concrete.

Dura-ID Construction Labels

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Tags and labels must withstand prolonged weathering, creasing and crushing, mechanical handling, irregular product shapes and difficult surfaces.

To keep the wheels of industry turning in a sector that covers everything from housing to hospitals, it’s critical that there are robust labelling solutions available to organisations in the construction sector.

Labels for Concrete

When supplying building materials to a construction site, barcode identification has become the industry standard; in fact, it’s considered a contractual obligation within the industry. It helps to mitigate human error and a single barcode can serve a product right the way through its lifespan, ensuring it’s fully traceable, aids inventory control and eases the logistical burden.

One particular product that was developed to work within the construction sector was Mattrans Extreme, which lends itself to the application of labelling concrete as the bond becomes stronger the longer the label has been on the product.

Timber Labels

Ensuring that timber originates from a sustainable source helps to combat unlawful practices which erode natural resources, destroy animal habitats and impact climate change.

Dura-ID Solution’s timber labels and tags support identification, traceability and chain of custody transparency – from the forest to the warehouse. Pack labels communicate information such as supplier, classification for use, customer and treatment processes. Thus assisting timber importers, processors and distributors in complying with regulations whilst protecting themselves from the risk of handling illegal imports.

Products that work well for timber labels include:

Polyplas Tags in a range of colours and thicknesses.

Labels for Drainage

Dura ID Solutions are experts in providing robust labelling solutions for drainage and related products is crucial for ensuring product traceability, safety, and compliance.

Our labelling solutions can significantly benefit manufacturers and users alike by facilitating clear product identification, maintenance guidance, and safety information aiding users in selecting the right products for their requirements.

Popular products include:

Labels for Bricks

Uneven surfaces like bricks, concrete and slate are notoriously difficult to label, so for construction companies handling these materials on a daily basis, this can represent a huge challenge. The ultra-durable labels that we produce at Dura-ID Solutions are specifically designed to help mitigate these problems, helping workers identify materials without delay or fear that weathering may make them less effective.

Our most popular products for bricks include:

Pallet Labels

Pallet labelling is critical for ensuring that the supply chain is not disrupted.

We supply strong self adhesive labels great for use on pallets. For both timber pallets and plastic wrap we have the product to fit your needs.

Our most popular product for this application is the Hi-Tac self adhesive labels

Window & Door Labels

Whether you want to convey a home’s energy efficiency rating or relay important safety information, labelling for windows and doors offers a cost-efficient way to do so. Here at Dura-ID Solutions, the labels we design and produce can be easily applied to all types of windows and doors, giving your business a solution that lasts.

Some of our products for this application include:

Moving Toward a Greener Future

Moving Toward a Greener Future

In recent years, it has become clear to everyone that this is a necessity, and that the only future for us all is a green one.
Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

The C8000e is built for heavy-duty applications, churning out high-quality labels at lightning speed.
We are attending UK Construction Week 2024

We are attending UK Construction Week 2024

From May 7th – 9th at the ExCel London, Dura-ID Solutions will be exhibiting at UK Construction Week. Visit us..
Celebrating International Women's Day (IWD) 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day (IWD) 2024

With International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 fast approaching, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this global women’s rights movement, its origins, and why it matters to us.

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