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Medical Labels

Maintaining identification, tracking, and process control in the healthcare and medical sector.

High-performance tags and labels to ensure track and trace in an industry where it is essential.

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We help you achieve full traceability and inventory control through harsh procedures, processes and storage conditions.

We specialise in the manufacture of durable self-adhesive medical labels, tags and self-ties to withstand the dynamic and diverse healthcare environment.

NHS Labels

We specialise in the medical sector, to help reduce human error, support accuracy, and safeguard data protection. 

Products like piggyback labels or medical library tags are used for long-term durable labelling applications, great for products in need of repair or on loan to other departments.

We have two options when printing these labels: direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. Direct thermal labels are great for short-term use. Whereas thermal transfer labels have a protective coat ensuring durability against bodily fluids and chemicals. 

Medical Devices & Instrument Labels

Medical device labelling is an important part of the medical device manufacturing process. Accurate labelling of medical devices is essential to ensuring market access, and the safe and proper use of medical devices. 

Here at Dura-ID, we have the knowledge and skills to create long-lasting identifying items for a variety of medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical equipment.

We can offer solutions for a range of medical applications requiring labelling solutions, from labels used for monitoring devices to autoclave labels used for instrument sterilisation. We can also cater for both short and long-run batches.

Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Labels

We understand how moisture-resistant labelling materials and low-temperature adhesives ensure the survival of these labels, so we constantly work with clients to find the right product to suit their needs.

Pharmaceutical labels are permanent thermal transfer labels that can be adhered to bags, test tubes, and vials. These are usually supplied pre-printed in one colour with the company details, the label can then be overprinted using a thermal label printer with the relevant information.

When it comes to laboratory testing and the storage of blood and tissue samples, printed labelling is key. A plethora of critical information can be encrypted into a single barcode, minimising  human errors.

Cryogenic Labels

Our cryogenic labels are the perfect label to be used when dealing with liquid nitrogen freeze and frozen surface labels ensure that the text or barcode will be of the highest quality and remain clear even after being stored at extremely cold temperatures.

These labels can be used to identify vials, microtubes, syringes, microplates, cell culture plates, plastic bags and other containers for short and long-term storage, at extremely low temperatures.

Moulded Carrier Tags

We supply a range of over 17 coloured tags, to tie in with your corporate identity and identify different hospitals or departments in a range of shapes and sizes. Plastic badges are great for you to attach your labels on demand. 

Our moulded carrier tags can follow a label through the entire process including autoclave and basket identification. 

We work closely with the medical industry to bring you products that fulfil the job and help make the process a little easier. 

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