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Thermal Transfer Printers

Single colour print made very simple.

Working with thermal transfer manufacturers from around the globe, our labels work seamlessly with our selection of thermal transfer printers.

Other TSC Thermal Transfer Printers including PEX-100 and CPX4

Thermal Printers

Finding the right Thermal Printer

Thermal Transfer printers are ideal for applications where only 1 colour (typically black) needs to be printed onto a plain or pre-printed label with variable data such as barcodes and batch numbers.

Toshiba Thermal Printers

An industry favourite in horticulture, Toshiba Thermal Transfer printers have been introduced to the market specifically to handle the vast range of self-adhesive and tag varieties required in this dynamic field. The horticultural industry demands highly durable and versatile labelling solutions to accommodate various plant tags, pot labels, and other identification needs. 

Toshiba Thermal Transfer printers are engineered to provide high-quality, long-lasting print that can withstand the outdoor elements, ensuring that labels remain legible and intact throughout the lifecycle of the plants. The durability is crucial for maintaining accurate information on plants, care instructions, and pricing, all of which are essential for efficient nursery and garden centre operations.

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TSC Thermal Printers

One of the fastest-growing Thermal Transfer printers on the market, TSC has established itself as a leader in the industry by offering an exceptionally wide range of printers tailored to meet the needs of numerous sectors, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and logistics. These printers are built to withstand the pressure of high-volume printing in more demanding environments. These robust machines are perfect for large-scale operations where durability, speed, and reliability are paramount.

TSC’s extensive range includes both desktop and industrial printers, designed to suit a variety of environments and applications. The desktop printers are compact and efficient, making them ideal for businesses with limited space that still require reliable and high-quality printing capabilities.

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Zebra Thermal Printers

Zebra is the largest global thermal transfer printer brand, renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability across a wide variety of industries. These industries include steel, medical, logistics, and chemicals, where the demands for durable and high-performance printing solutions are particularly stringent.

One of the standout features of Zebra’s industrial rugged thermal transfer printers is their unparalleled durability. These printers are designed to operate efficiently in harsh environments, making them ideal for use in industries where exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and other challenging conditions is expected.

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