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Chemical Labels

Helping you comply with GHS chemical label regulations.

We are here to help support identification, traceability and logistics for businesses across the chemical industry.

Chemical Labels on Containers

Products and Services

When it comes to the safe transit, storage and use of hazardous products, chemical label solutions take on added importance.

Our range of chemical label products are suitable for a variety of packaging sizes, ranging from a 1000 litre IBC to a 25ml sample vial. 

Labels are used for a multitude of different reasons – from advising instructions on chemical bottle labels to helping with advertising efforts. They can also be used to help identify hazardous chemicals, detailing what the hazards are and how best to avoid them.

GHS Labels

All over the world there are different and unique laws that dictate how to best identify the hazardous properties of chemicals and how this information should be relayed to users. With various international justifications to contend with, this can cause a lot of confusion for international businesses supplying and procuring these substances.

That’s why the United Nations (UN) developed the GHS of classification and labelling chemicals, standardised global guidelines for hazardous chemicals. Its aim was to establish:

  • A criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, environmental and physical hazards. Clearly communicate hazard requirements for labelling and safety data sheets.

  • We can offer you the tools you’ll need to create durable GHS labels in-house or we can manufacture fully pre-printed labels to suit all volumes and budgets.

BS5609 Labels

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code is an international mandatory guideline for the safe transportation of potentially dangerous materials or hazardous goods across water. Its aim is to protect both crew and public and to reduce the risk of marine pollution.

To comply with the IMDG Code, also known as the ‘Marine Immersion Labels Testing Standard’, your labels need to be produced using BS5609-approved, waterproof label media.

We can help you achieve full 3-part BS5609 compliance, involving the adhesive, face material and overprinting, by combining our BS5609 labels with a tested and approved print solution.

Chemical Labelling Software

Working alongside partners in the chemical sector has allowed us to create bespoke solutions to ensure our customers get the best from their chemical labelling software. We recommend BarTender software for designing attractive, uniform label templates with the facility to import data via complex links to external databases.

BarTender dovetails into Lisam’s ExESS software streamlining your EHS and SDS authoring, distribution and labelling operations. Your branding, product info, GHS and transport information can be displayed on your label, in multiple languages, with ease.

Chemical Label Printers

OKI C650 (laser) a compact, cost-conscious, A4 sheet-fed printer.

Epson Colorworks CW4000e (inkjet) colour printing onto labels up to 4″ wide in rolls

Epson Colorworks CW6500 (inkjet) popular choice for medium runs of continuous labels up to 8.5″ wide.

Epson Colorworks CW7500 (inkjet) speedy printing on labels up to 4″ wide.

Neuralabel Callisto (inkjet) super-fast, high-definition printing of continuous labels up to 12”

Printer Consumables

All consumables for our full colour printer range, including NeuraLabel, OKI and Epson, are genuine and, therefore, will not invalidate the warranty on your printer. We hold a wide range of laser and inkjet printer consumables in stock, for fast delivery, ensuring you are back up and printing again quickly should you need to replace one.

We also stock black thermal transfer ribbons in various widths, lengths and grades suitable for use with an array of printer brands. If you need help deciding which ribbon will work best on your label, ie. wax, wax/resin or full resin – let us help you choose the best combination. We also supply coloured thermal transfer ribbons on request.

Moving Toward a Greener Future

Moving Toward a Greener Future

In recent years, it has become clear to everyone that this is a necessity, and that the only future for us all is a green one.
Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

Introducing the Epson C8000e Industrial Label Printer

The C8000e is built for heavy-duty applications, churning out high-quality labels at lightning speed.
We are attending ChemUK 2024

We are attending ChemUK 2024

We will be exhibiting at the ChemUK Exhibition from the 15th to the 16th of May, with our sister company Atwell Labellers..
Update on the CLP Regulation

Update on the CLP Regulation

Now that the CLP Regulation has been approved, many are still wondering what that will mean for their business operations.

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