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The NeuraLabel 500e Allows Airedale Chemicals to Cut Labelling Time Significantly

14th September 2019

UL Safeware Quasar; a longstanding partner recommended Dura-ID to Airedale Chemicals when they had initial discussions regarding SDS software.

“When we were looking in to extending safety data sheets and exposure scenarios – naturally we looked to our current SDS Provider to ensure the new system would be compatible and we weren’t confident that we could produce a good enough SDS from the software we were running.”

“We required a basic system that would produce detailed SDS and provide a label to match the SDS requirements. It falls to us as an approved manufacturer for certain chemicals to provide the label and ensure all required information is accurate.”

Richard provided on-screen demonstrations for Dan remotely and the ease of using the software put him at ease regarding the system and the colour extension allowed for branding/ marketing details to be included on the printed labels. A mocked-up label can be produced alongside a cost per print analysis to give the user an estimated cost per label dependent upon the coverage.

The major benefit for Dan at Airedale was that the size of the label the machine could produce. “Having previously spent lengthy periods placing 5 labels per drum – CLP label, transport diamonds and batch codes etc.  Days were spent just labelling the items up correctly – whereas now it’s on one large format label and we only have to stick one other label on. It has cut labelling time significantly – possibly by around a quarter. We also don’t have to buy the transport diamonds separately. Overall, the labels are more expensive than the ones we used to previously buy but overall taking in to account the labour –label wise we are much better off”.

“We are looking to extend the use of the machine to provide more customers with high quality premium labels for other products alongside the range we already provide.”

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