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OKI Pro 1040-50

We are here to help support identification, traceability and logistics for businesses across the chemical industry.

Find out more about the OKI Pro 1040-50, including key features, inks and related software. You can also download the OKI Pro 1040-50 printer specification by filling out the simple form provided at the bottom of this page.

OKI pro 10 series roll format laser printer
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Is the OKI Pro 1040 / 1050 right for you?

  • CMYK + white printing
  • Print on a huge vaiety of materials, including self-adhesives, clear polyester and laser printable tags up to 5 inches wide.
  • High label durability and great image quality.
  • Set-up and installation support included.
  • 8OKI-102 – Black Toner / Drum
  • 8OKI-103  – Cyan Toner / Drum
  • 8OKI-105  – Magenta Toner / Drum
  • 8OKI-108 – Yellow Toner / Drum
  • 8OKI-107 – White Toner / Drum

OKI Pro 1040-50 Specification

Fill out the required fields from our quick an easy form to download the printer specification for the OKI Pro 1040/50.

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