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IML Aquire Customer Base Of Greenfield Software

IML is pleased to announce its aquisition of the customer base of Greenfield Software with immediate effect.  IML has played an important role in the development and manufacture of horticultural labels for numerous decades and, since 2009, has been the sole label supplier to Greenfield Software.  IML will also become the sole distributor of Greenfield’s HLS and Growmaster software packages with software support being provided by the existing Greenfield Technical Team.

A dedicated Sales Office has been established in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire which will enjoy the benefit of stocking and warehousing facilities allowing IML to respond quickly and efficiently to customer demand.  We are pleased to announce the transfer from Greenfield Software to the IML team Mrs Justine Newman, Mr Oliver Everitt and Mrs Vanessa Ansell.  Their collective experience and knowledge will support customers through the early transition period and beyond.

IML is committed to supporting the recovery and regrowth of the horticultural industry following challenging trading conditions of recent years.  We believe IML can lend a helping hand by supplying consistently high quality labels, bespoke customer service, competitive prices and quick response to orders and enquiries.  Talk to our Horticultural Sales Team today on 01954 233760 to find our how IML can support your business.

We look forward to working directly with horticultural sector again and wish you all a prosperous 2013.