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Create Plant Labels to Catch Your Customers' Eye

Our dedicated Horticultural team, based in Cambridgeshire, know a thing or two when it comes to horticultural labels. We understand that these labels need to be attractive as well as informative. Equally as important – plant labels need to be able to withstand the elements.

When we entered the horticultural labels market our customers’ wish lists included labels which were resistant to water, chemicals, UV light, frost and prolonged outdoor exposure.  Label types differed according to preference and plant type, ranging from loop-locks to stick-ins, and self-adhesives to bed cards, often a mix of all. Then along came technology to complicate matters further! In the early days many growers had hot foil and dot matrix printers, before the days of thermal transfer and colour laser systems. We developed and refined our range of labels, software and printing systems to keep up with the changing needs of the industry.

In today’s competitive retail marketplace your plant labels not only have to be durable, they need to communicate important information about the variety, care instructions and price of your plants. However, above all else, they need to act as a marketing tool by attracting your customers’ attention and encouraging them to head for the till. So how can you strike a good balance between functionality and design?

In this post, we will share with you our thoughts on what makes a good horticultural label – one that will grab your customers’ attention, provide excellent durability and include all the information your customers need, ultimately encouraging them to buy!

Why are plant labels so important?

Having beautiful plants on display is only part of the battle when it comes to running a successful retail horticultural business. While the array of colours and smells will undoubtedly draw your customers in, some young plants and shrubs need a helping hand when it comes to visualising a mature plant and getting customers to make a purchase.

This is where your labels go to work and why they are so important.

Before making a purchase, a plant label ensures the customer knows exactly what they’re buying and whether it is suitable for their garden or the space they’re intending to plant it.

Labels also provide a way of displaying each plant’s unique care instructions, so durability is paramount here. Useful information needs to remain legible long after the customer has got the plant home, so they can refer back to it and ensure they’re looking after it properly.  For a relatively low cost, a well-made plant label ensures your branding and reputation for quality are prevalent for the life-cycle of the plant.  This builds a sense of trust between you and your customer, encouraging them to return to you time and time again for their horticultural purchases.

What vital information should be included?

Our HLS Pro software allows you to get creative when it comes to designing the layout of your plant labels, but here is some important information which should always be included:

  • Plant name – both the common and botanical versions
  • Exposure – how much sunlight is needed
  • Spacing – how far apart to plant (if appropriate)
  • Height and width – when mature
  • Watering requirements
  • Fertilizer – if needed
  • Flowering time of the year
  • Price

Additional notes can also be included on a plant label, such as details on cultivation, growth habit and flowering and fruiting.

How to make your horticultural labels stand out…

Once you’ve got the important information on your labels, how can you make them stand out from the crowd and really grab your customers’ attention? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use colour – the bolder the better, and make sure it compliments the colour of the plant
  2. Add images – perhaps of the mature plant
  3. Use a clear font – vital information must be legible
  4. Ensure your label is visible on the plant
  5. Use other POS materials, such as signage to draw your customers towards your plants

Your horticultural label options…

We supply an extensive range of horticultural labels to nurseries and garden centres across the UK.  Here are some of the options you can choose from to meet the requirements of your plants.

Self-adhesive pot labelschoose from pre-printed or blank to print yourself, these plant pot labels are fully waterproof and weatherproof. Opt for a full colour design to make your labels stand out. Our plant pot labels are made using high performance adhesives, durable face materials and UV resistant inks to ensure they go the distance!

Loop lock labelsidentify and price your plants, shrubs and giftware with easy to attach loop lock labels. Also referred to as self-ties, lock ties and tie wraps, these labels offer a durable and versatile garden centre labelling solution. We offer loop-locks plain and pre-printed, in white or colours, for thermal transfer or laser overprinting.

Stick-in labelsalso known as pot pointers, pointed ends or push-ins, these labels are ideal for low growing plants and firm or gravelly soil.  We produce a wide range of sizes and formats to suit your needs and your printer. We can pre-print your stick-in labels with your company logo to add an extra design element.

Bed cardsdisplay your in-store offers, seasonal promotions and point of sale notices with bed cards. These labels are durable and offer lots of opportunity to create eye-catching designs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, we can also supply bed card holders. Update them regularly to keep your garden centre looking fresh.

HLS Software – make label designing easy!

To allow our horticultural customers to take label printing operations in-house we developed HLS Pro Software. Nurseries and garden centres are able to match printing to their immediate demand using blank or partially pre-printed labels. Variable information such as plant information, barcodes, images and pricing is added in-house.

There are two versions of our HLS Software – HLS Pro which is an entry level programme for efficient, cost-effective thermal transfer printing in black. Alternatively, to create attractive labels which really stand out, HLS Pro+ allows you to print full colour laser labels, including plant imagery and your logo.

Our software comes with a database containing over 14,000 plant names and descriptions, which can all be edited and added to by you, which also applies to our optional plant image library.

Find out more and download a free “try before you buy” trial.

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