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Bin Labels - Get Your Message Across

In this post, we’ll share our experience of what makes a good bin label.


Like most labels, bin labels always contain important information which needs to be communicated clearly.

With recycling bin labels, it’s vital that which waste should go in which bin is information that is clearly presented. Leaflets posted through letterboxes with this information on could easily be misplaced or thrown away. If the label is attached to the bin itself, this will serve as a handy reminder.

Blackpool Council needed to communicate Christmas bin collection days to the houses they serve. The challenge was producing a label that would stay attached to the bin but could also be easily removed, and that everybody would take notice of. We suggested a loop-lock label, which attached to the bin handle and was impossible to miss!



Design is not usually considered to be an important factor when it comes to waste disposal identification, but we understand that bin labels need to stand out. The design can support and emphasise your message through the use of colour and formatting.

This recycling bin label uses an instantly recognisable green banner and white arrow recycling symbol, as well as three colour blocks, as per the national colour-coded waste segregation system.

As recycling becomes an ever more important form of waste management, there is often confusion over which materials can be recycled. Well-designed recycling bin labels can solve this problem.


Adding branding and your company logo to a bin label ensures your customers know where the message is coming from.


Our range of bin labels for the waste management and recycling sectors are able to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure to keep your messaging in tact. Our bin labels are 100% weatherproof and fade-resistant. The strong adhesives we use will stand up to the test of time.

We work with recycling centres and local authorities to find the perfect label solution for their needs. From sorting waste, tracking it or notifying customers of important information relating to their waste, our bin labels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and we will always tailor our labels to meet your requirements.