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High Temperature Labelling: All You Need to Know

Throughout our history, we’ve pioneered a range of labels and tags specifically designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. High temperature labelling is perfect for use on products in the metals, steel and engineering sectors, which often need to undergo high temperature processing.

What are the Benefits of High Temperature Labelling?

Using high temperature labels offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Speeding up turnaround times in high temperature processing environments
  • Supporting early identification and tracking of products
  • Maintaining safety and instructional information
  • Reducing loss of stock due to mis-identification 
  • The majority of our high temperature labels can be printed in-house using a desktop thermal transfer printer – no specialised equipment needed

Being able to apply your labels to your products while they are still hot, and having your traceability data maintained, can improve the overall efficiency of your processes, as well as safety.  Our high temperature labels can also be applied at low or ambient temperature, ideal for when your product needs to be tracked right the way through a process involving high temperatures.

How Hot are we Talking?

Our range of high temperature labels and tags are available in a variety of different temperature ranges. Here’s a breakdown of some of our products:

Rip-Proof: 220˚c

These tags, unique to IML, have been designed with super-strength and durability in mind, and they can withstand temperatures up to 220˚c. That’s the same as a very hot domestic oven! The tags are made from a flexible material, with a rubberised texture, which allows them to spring-back to form after being creased or crushed – perfect for industrial environments.

High Temperature Polyester: 250˚c

These high temperature labels can be supplied in a variety of formats including self-adhesive, tags and self-tie, making them suitable for a range of applications. They can also withstand temperatures up to 250˚c. HTP has a satin-like finish which can be easily wiped clean, making it ideal for use in harsh and dirty environments where data readability can be compromised.

Thermo-Tag (600): 600˚c

These specialised high temperature tags guarantee superior barcode identification and traceability. Similar to the Rip-Proof, the material of the Thermo-Tag is also crush and abrasion resistant, meaning that your data can be maintained in even the most challenging industrial environments up to 600˚c – that’s as hot as a dull red naked flame on a fire, a burning match or a candle.

Pannier: 1000˚c

Our highest temperature-resistant solution is the highly specialised Pannier laser marking system with metal tags which are coated specifically for laser marking.  These products can withstand temperatures up to a scorching 1000˚c. That’s almost as hot as a melting pot of gold and lava!

How Can We Help You?

We are global leaders in the specialised field of high temperature labelling making us best placed to assist you if your products require tough labels which can withstand challenging environments and temperatures.

We also supply high temperature labels to various other market sectors which work with high temperatures, such as sterilising or baking, whatever your application we have a label which is right for your business.

We are also highly experienced in helping our customers to take their label printing in-house, which can sometimes be a great way of saving time and money. View our range of label printers, software and label blanks, and speak to our team to see if this option could benefit you.