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Horticultural Labelling Software (HLS) FAQ's

15th November 2016

Whether you’re an existing HLS customer, or you are considering using the software, this handy guide will answer any questions you might have.

Did you know?

Over 2,000 HLS systems have been sold, making it the most popular plant labelling software in the UK and Ireland!


1) What are the benefits to my business of using HLS?

There are many benefits to using HLS to create horticultural labels, including:

  • You can print exactly the amount of labels you need. 
  • There’s no need to hold stock of printed labels.
  • You can add your own, or your customers’, branding.
  • You have complete control over the data on your labels.

2) Can I use my own database of information?

Yes, you can upload data from Microsoft Excel files to HLS.

HLS can be purchased with or without IML’s 14,000 plant name and description database.

3) Can I add barcodes to my labels with HLS?

Yes. Speed up checkout time by adding pricing to labels.

Pre-set templates for barcodes are included in the software, including EAN13 and Code39.

4) Can I add my own plant images and logos?

Yes, you can. This is something our customers love about HLS – you can add your own data and images easily, just simply uploaded from your own files.

HLS software can be supplied with a full colour, digital picture library that automatically links to plant names and descriptions. Once this database has been imported, you can add and edit any information you like to ensure your plant information stays up-to-date.

5) Is aftersales support available with HLS?

Yes. We offer 3 free months technical support with purchases of HLS.

We also offer the option of an annual support contract for £199.00. This gives you full access to a trained tech engineer for any software problems you may encounter. These could include creating new templates, adding new data to your labels, uploading new files etc.

Recent updates to Windows 10 that have impacted the software can be fixed remotely, with no need for a call out.

An annual support contract also entitles our customers to 5% off stocked labels. We hold a fully stocked range of labels for the horticultural industry such as:

  • Stick-ins
  • Self-ties
  • Self-adhesives

6) What is included in the HLS package?

HLS comes, as standard, with a 14,000 plant name and description database. All of our stock labels are also included in the template settings.

As previously mentioned, 3 free months technical support is included to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

7) Will my current printer work with HLS?

IML only recommend specific models of both laser and thermal printers to maximise the performance of our labels and ensure trouble-free printing.

8) Can you provide a demonstration of the software and printer?

We can provide you with samples to try on your own printer before you purchase HLS. We can supply the complete horticultural labelling solution: our printer, our software, our labels – our problem if anything were to go wrong!

Yes, on-site or online demonstrations can be provided.

9) Is there an option to have multiple users?

Yes, there are two options:

  • The licence for HLS is for the PC and not the user – providing each user has login access for that PC, they can access HLS.
  • HLS can be installed onto your network, meaning multiple users can access HLS and print from a number of stations.

10) Will my PC run HLS?

The recommended requirements to run HLS on your PC are:

  • Windows 7 and upwards
  • Dual core processor or higher
  • 2GB Ram
  • 120MB free disk space
  • CD-ROM (required for picture library)

If you think HLS could be the horticultural labelling software for you, why not download a FREE TRIAL? Or contact us for more information on +44 (0)1480 274 230 or email