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BS5609: What Does it Mean?

BS5609: The most Stringent Industry Testing for Labels

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code is an international guideline for the safe transportation of what would class as ‘dangerous materials or hazardous goods’ across water. The internationally recognised code protects crew members and tries to prevent marine pollution.

BS 5609 is a regulatory requirement to be compliant with the IMDG Code. This regulation is also known as the ‘Marine Immersion Labels Testing Standard’. Harmful substances are required to be identifiable in case of a chemical leak that causes the drums contents to be released in to water and possibly causing harm to the environment. This standard means that the label has to stay intact and is legible after 3 months on immersion in sea water.

The BS5609 approval system comes in two main sections; these sections set out the durability criteria.

Section two is in relation to the durability and longevity

This section tests the permanence and durability of the label material and adhesive under conditions of marine exposure, temperature variations, weathering and exposure to salt spray and sunlight.