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Understanding CE Marking

Here at Dura-ID Solutions we are experts in the manufacture and provision of innovative high performance labelling, including CE Tags. As Global leaders in the manufacture of labels we can guarantee that if you choose Dura-ID Solutions for your CE Labelling  your CE mark will remain in place throughout the supply chain to support trouble free trading. Our CE Tags are guaranteed to stay in place in the most challenging of circumstances.

The CE mark on a product indicates that the product in question has met high safety and environmental standards. A CE Tag shows that a product fully conforms with all health, safety and environmental standards for products sold within the EEA (European Economic Area) .The CE mark was introduced way back in 1993 and replaced the old EC Mark.

We supply CE Tags and mini CE Tags for manufacturers of construction products so that manufacturers can demonstrate to customers that their product is guaranteed to meet the required performance standards consistent with the relevant Declaration of Performance. Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – which is the main legislation affecting the European construction industry – the CE mark indicates that the product will enable works to satisfy the Basic Works Requirements when it has been “properly installed, maintained and used for its intended purpose”.

Before using the CE mark or attaching a CE Tag the manufacturer must undertake quality control to ensure that the products have been fully CE tested. The basic requirements for construction works are:

– Mechanical resistance and stability
– safety in case of fire
– hygiene, health and environment
– safety and accessibility in use
– protection against noise
– energy economy and heat retention
– sustainable use of natural resources

By placing a CE mark or a CE Tag on a product a manufacturer is declaring (on his sole responsibility) that his product conforms with all EEA legal requirements. A CE mark indicates that the product has been fully CE tested and can be sold throughout the EEA. Indeed a CE Tag guarantees the free movement of the product within the European market.

Dura-ID Solutions is a trusted CE Tag supplier for manufacturers of quality construction products. Our CE Tags will indicate to prospective buyers that your product has been fully CE tested and is valid for use throughout the EU. Dura-ID Solutions manufacture bespoke CE Tags for all types of construction materials including concrete, glass, plastic and metal. Our Tags are designed to stay in place and retain readability in the toughest of environments. Indeed, we supply CE Tags which can withstand high temperatures as well as CE Tags which is guaranteed waterproof.

Dura-ID Solutions manufacture CE Tags in a wide range of sizes and formats including pallet labels as well as durable self-tie and self-adhesive CE labelling. We also supply mini CE Tags

By using the CE mark on your product you are signalling that it is a high quality product and your CE Tag will act as a passport allowing you to sell your product throughout the EU and Turkey.

Whatever your CE labelling requirements our team at Dura-ID Solutions are confident that we can supply the CE Tags you require. Contact our friendly team on 0114 242 2111 or email