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Understanding GHS Symbols

GHS symbols are a globally recognised system of classification and labelling of chemicals. This system relies on a set of  pictograms showing hazard symbols to alert us to the presence of hazardous chemicals.

Here at Dura-ID Solutions we supply a wide range of durable labels including chemical hazard labels and chemical resistant labels to our customers within the chemical industries.

GHS labels, cover a huge range of products and are designed to warn us of the presence of a hazardous chemicals. 

We understand that it is vital for chemicals and other hazardous materials to be clearly be labelled in order to minimise the potential risks posed by these products. 

GHS symbols are presented as a white diamond with a red border and a black pictogram contained within the diamond. The legal specification of the pictograms can present issues for conventional label printing methods. Dura-ID have a full range of compliant solutions that easily meet this specification.

Hazard pictograms must be accompanied by other mandatory information including:

– Product identification

– A signal word (such as DANGER or WARNING)

– Hazard statements (indicating the nature and degree or risk posed by the product)

– Precautionary statements (how the product should be handled to minimise risk)

– Identity of supplier (manufacturer or importer)

This information is designed to help clearly communicate the hazard to your customers, end users of the products and also emergency services and operatives in case of an accident or spillage.

Whatever type of hazardous container label you require, Dura-ID Solutions will ensure that the warning labels we supply are fully up to date with all the latest CLP/GHS legislation. 

It is essential that all hazardous container labels are suitable for the environment in which they are to be used. This is why we supply pre-printed as well as user printable chemical storage labels and chemical hazard labels which conform to the BS 5609 marine approved classification.

We will also ensure that the adhesive we supply for your hazardous container labels is of the correct strength to suit your product, the container being used and the environment it is to be used in. 

If you transport dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway, you must pack and label according to international regulations. We also provide ADR/IMDG transport labels is required.

Whatever type of chemical warning labels you require Dura-ID Solutions have the right chemical hazard labels for you. 

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