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Ensure Full Traceability of Your Timber Products

The Facts

Full traceability of timber products plays an important role in protection today, and perhaps even more crucially, our future.  Ensuring timber placed on the market originates from a sustainable source helps to combat illegal practices which erode natural resources, destroy animal habitats and impact on the livelihoods of honest working people – all these things can be identified by timber labels.

Traceability tags support chain of custody transparency from the forest floor to the warehouse floor.  Data can be captured which identifies supplier, classification for use, customer and treatment processes etc. which assists timber importers, processors and distributors to comply with regulation and protect themselves against the risk of handling illegal imports.

As UK construction continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate than previously predicted due to multiple factors, all of which seemingly point the finger at Brexit uncertainty, we look at ways to ensure product traceability is achievable without recourse to massive investment.


It’s been around for decades but it works; identifying products with a unique barcode, which contains important identification and tracking data, is a simple but effective method.  Early identification can be achieved, using the right label, which allows a timber product to be scanned at various points through its production cycle using a single tag.  We install and maintain robust, full enclosed barcode label printers which are ideally suited to dusty timber production environments.  Our software packages provide the link between your production system, database and barcode product label.  Barcodes can also dovetail into your inventory control and logistical systems to support “Smart” production and automated operation which, in turn, diminish the opportunity for operator error.

All Weather Tags

A major problem associated with timber tagging is the durability of the tags after pro-longed weathering.  Cold temperatures and exposure to UV light lead to brittleness and shattering of tags, especially in cases where the tag has also been weakened through stapling or chemical processing.  Dura-ID offers durable but malleable barcode printable tags, developed to remain in place and be readable after 12 months+ outdoors.   These can be supplied in white or in a range of colours to support an in-house colour coding system.  Colour coding timber is useful for long-range visual identification, in stock yards for example, or where language barriers exist.

Super-Adhesive Labels

In addition to tags we also produce heavy duty self-adhesive labels which bond to uneven, awkwardly shaped or dusty surfaces.  Our labels remain in place where others have failed providing long-term identification in challenging production environments and supply chains.

Timber Treatment Labels

Timber is often subjected to treatments involving high temperatures, pressure impregnation or chemical dipping.  Dura-ID offers labels and tags which survive hostile procedures and conditions.  Talk to us about autoclave and chemical resistant labels and find out how we can maintain traceability of your products through treatment processors and beyond using our specialised timber treatment labels.

Presale & Aftersales

Excellent customer service and technical support is what sets us apart from other label suppliers.  We will visit your production site, develop an understanding of your needs and operations and, importantly, any historical problems or bottlenecks you would like to overcome.  We then use this information to put together a bespoke, workable proposal which matches your needs and budget.  Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the invoice.  We’re with you every step of the way and on-hand to guide you through any technical difficulties or new projects whilst your dedicated internal Account handler will stay in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure your labelling system is working well, remind you to order stocks of labels/ribbons, process your orders and provide updates and make you aware of any products or events which may be of interest to you.

Are you a distributor of timber products?  Do you have a need or interest in product identification and traceability?  Are you looking for a reliable label supplier with experience and knowledge of your industry?  Talk to our timber labelling experts today on 0114 2422111, email or learn more about our timber solutions here.