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Recyclability of Horticultural Labels

As a supplier of bespoke labels for the Horticulture industry, here at Dura-ID we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that plastic has on the environment.

Based in our St.Ives office, our Horticultural team are passionate about supplying labels to the Horticultural industry that are both durable and environmentally-friendly.

In this article, we discuss our Horticultural Labels and their recyclable properties, how Sir David Attenborough has made us more conscious about the effects of plastic, and our St. Ives team’s visit to the Waterbeach Recycle centre.

The “Attenborough Effect”
Described as a ‘key influencer’* in the reduction of single-use plastic, ‘The Attenborough Effect’ has been attributed to Sir David Attenborough’s TV series Blue Planet 2, which ‘outed’ the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans.

This revelation caused shock and outrage across the UK. In a report by GlobalWebIndex, 53% of participants said they have reduced their single use plastic in the past year.**

Reduction of plastic is a hot topic right now, and one that Dura-ID are on board with.

Our Horticultural stick in labels and self tie labels are 100% recyclable. Our materials and inks used in the manufacturing process are long-lasting – ensuring longevity and therefore reducing the need for a refresh of product.

Waterbeach Recycling Centre
Recently, our dedicated Horticultural team in St Ives visited the Amey Waterbeach Recycling Centre to understand more about the process involved with recycling.

The team enjoyed a tour around the centre and learnt about recycling as a ‘lifestyle change’, not just a work-related practice, and ways to adapt these changes in their everyday lives. This gives our team the confidence to talk about the recycling process and how our products potentially will fit within that process in the future.

At Dura-ID, our stocked Horticultural Labels cover a range of styles, such as loop lock labels, stick-ins, self-adhesives and bed cards, all of which are versatile, economical and water-resistant.
Our stocked range are now clearly marked with recyclability information, helping our customers to confidently spread the message.

Providing a durable, long lasting label, with a print solution to print on demand supports our commitment, so not to overproduce and cause environmental waste.

About Dura-ID
Dura-ID Solutions is a world leader in the production of high performance labels, tags and badges for many industry sectors, applications and environments.

We take pride in our recyclable products. For more information on our Horticultural Labels, call us today on +44 (0)1480 274 230 or

** 2019