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Top Label and Packaging Trends in 2019

2018’s packaging trends offered big words, vibrant gradients and contemporary packaging formats to labels and packaging designs.

We also saw environmental considerations playing a huge part in how materials are packed, and 2019 is fast becoming the year businesses are starting to think about making their products more ‘green’.

Personalised packaging, minimalistic design and flexibility are all hot on the pulse this year.
We take a look at these and other top label and packaging trends that we believe will be big in 2019.

It is no surprise that with recent coverage regarding the widespread use of plastic, label and packaging manufacturers are becoming more conscious about creating eco-friendly packaging.

Recyclability is a key factor, as well as products being durable enough to help cut down on overproduction.

At Dura-ID, a selection of our labels for horticulture are produced on 100% recyclable materials. Making our label products both durable and eco-friendly.

Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging is a major trend for 2019.

Flexible packaging is easy to store, as well as open and reseal. We are also seeing less material being used – setting aside the standard rigid packaging counterparts.

Materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene also offer eco-friendly benefits, that not only disintegrate when disposed of, but are also durable for the time when in use.

These materials are replacing polyvinyl chloride, which cannot be broken down, and we are destined to see more of this in the future.

Minimalistic Designs
Design is a key feature on our packaging and labels, and 2019 sees design going minimal for extra ‘wow factor’.

Simplistic designs conveying the right information are key – all non-essential information is being removed, to keep the design clean and fuss-free.

The ‘less is more’ trend allows the product to speak for itself, and helps people easily understand what the product is about, without having to clutter the design space.

Label and packaging design is taking a trip back in time for inspiration for this year’s trends.

Retro designs are by no means a new trend, but one that has stuck over the years, and it looks like this is continuing in 2019.

Vintage fonts, illustrations and the ‘paper-bag look’ are all being seen across the food and drink industry.

Consumers are looking to nostalgia as a ‘simpler time’* – designers are taking heed and looking to vintage eras – to hark back to ‘the good old days’ – to bring a sense of romanticism to the trend.

Personalised Labels
Labels are getting personal – literally!

Personalisation of labels and packaging are providing businesses with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and give their consumers a customized experience. This will also help build a lasting relationship with customers.

Coca Cola did the name on the bottle, and we are now seeing customised champagne bottles and even Marmite offering the option on their website to create a personalised jar with your name.

Dura-ID offer a bespoke service for all your labels, including the customisation of labels for your business, including design and manufacturing.

In a nutshell
Businesses are increasingly taking on-board environmental considerations, and are changing the way label and packaging materials are made.

As well as eco-friendly labels and packaging, we are also wanting the convenience of flexible packaging that is easy to use and store.

Personalisation gives consumers a bespoke experience unique to them, and is something we will be seeing past 2019.

If you would like more information on our labelling solutions, contact us today on +44 (0)114 242 2111 or email, and one of our friendly team will help answer any queries you may have.