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ICL Event

Here at Dura-ID Solutions our dedicated horticultural team like to keep up to date with all the latest horticultural topics. 

As a trusted supplier of horticultural labels to nurseries and growers for over four decades, Dura-ID is proud of its strong links to the industry.

The team recently attended the new ICL event, Hort Science Live, which was held at New Leaf Plants. 

This was a great opportunity for us to learn about the close links between science and horticulture and to hear about all the very latest developments. 

Our team were very impressed by the scale and professionalism of the operation at New Leaf Plants. “New Leaf Plants is a large employer of skilled horticultural workers,” says Marketing Manager Emma Todd. “It was great to see the staff so involved and able to explain their processes throughout their business.”

Various workshops were held throughout the day which proved to be very informative. 

ICL partnered with a number of other industry experts, to talk about all things horticultural including microbes, pests and pesticides and their relationship to the use of their products. They also provided short demonstrations on best practice.

ADAS delivered up to date information on environmental research, including the new peat-free alternatives for growing media which the industry is hoping to move towards. The group were updated on how research is progressing in the effort to find the very best combinations.

30MHz demonstrated its temperature sensors. 

It showed how they can assist growers by helping them to understand their growing area allowing them to detect possible pests and diseases based upon specific information related to the growing environment. 

30MHzalso showcased its horticultural data platform which can be integrated with the sensors allowing growers to accurately monitor the growing atmosphere. They were also able to show how this platform can be accessed through mobile devices.

New Leaf Plants allowed us to look around their cutting room and explained their operations to the group. They showed how their business began and how it has developed and grown. This gave the group a very insightful look at their business model as a whole. 

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