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Medical Labels: A Life or Death Matter

6th January 2022

Almost every industry has strict guidelines and standards when it comes to labelling and packaging, but this is particularly the case in the healthcare sector.

Almost every industry has strict guidelines and standards when it comes to labelling and packaging, but this is particularly the case in the healthcare sector. Patient safety starts with positive label identification. It’s paramount that data is recorded accurately, in a concise manner, which is easy to read, interpret and communicate. A patient’s life quite literally depends on it. And the consequences of an error can be fatal.

At Dura-ID Solutions, we’re a global leader in producing innovative high performance identity solutions, and we specialise in providing these solutions for the healthcare sector. We manufacture durable self-adhesive medical labels, tags and self-ties that withstand the demands of this sector. With our expertise, clients achieve full traceability and control over inventory through harsh storage conditions, procedures and an ever-evolving landscape.

How we operate

Over years of research, we’ve perfected a highly specialised process that ensures printed data can withstand the temperature of sterilisation. We’ve worked with NHS hospitals to produce self-adhesive autoclave labels that include a colour change indicator, serving as an additional visual check to confirm surgical trays have been through the sterilisation process.

Our labels are also resistant to water, detergent and repeated handling associated with washing and disinfecting processes. From bed linen change labels to waste management labels, we offer tried and tested solutions that maintain important infection control and prevent cross-contamination, keeping environments sterile. These labels and tags help to segregate and identify items by hospital, department or how it must be disposed of, ensuring full traceability.

Blood bank and syringe labels

Like other facets within healthcare, the labelling of blood bags and syringes require a lot of information to be distilled in a concise and accurate fashion. Blood bags need to relay specific information, such as unique facility number, lot number relating to the donor, product code, and the ABO and Rh of the donor. Similarly, syringes must also adhere to strict criteria and include information such as drug administered, dosage, date, time drawn and initials of who prepared the syringe.

We currently employ a system of encrypted barcodes to retain critical information when it comes to laboratory testing, as well as blood and tissue samples. The use of encrypted barcodes is an industry standard when it comes to blood banks and syringes, so our experience of how to use them ensures it will be a seamless transition when using them on a larger scale. In addition, our expertise in deploying self-adhesive medical labels guarantees that our labels will be able to combat frequent temperature changes with cryogenic freezing, refrigeration and then the warming of the blood during immersion in a water bath.

Our work is predominantly focused on sterile services and supplying autoclave labels, but we have the capabilities to do more within the sector, and we are ambitious to do so. At Dura-ID Solutions, our immediate goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to labelling and identity solutions manufacturer for blood banks and syringes.

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