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Adhesive Labels: A Lesson in Durability

22nd March 2022

Beyond the aesthetics of how a product distinguishes itself on a shelf in a marketing sense, labelling helps to render identity to a specific item or product. It ensures that data is recorded accurately and is easy to read and interpret.

From healthcare to heavy industry, a wide spectrum of businesses use self-adhesive labels because they are an effective and convenient way to grab the attention of consumers and transmit information.

Here at Dura-ID Solutions, we’re a global leader in supplying innovative identity solutions. Whether our clients need labelling that can cope with prolonged outdoor exposure or extreme storage temperatures, our expertise means they won’t be let down.

The self-adhesive labels we produce are made up of three main components – release liners, the face materials and the adhesives – with each material carefully selected to guarantee maximum performance across all environments.

These are the top five industries we produce quality self-adhesive labelling for:

1. Construction

Labels play an integral role during the build and maintenance of any construction project. For those working on-site, the correct labelling of materials and specifications makes their job a whole lot easier. If a label isn’t visible or hasn’t been applied properly, it can lead to precious time being wasted or a safety concern. The self-adhesive labels that we produce aim to negate common problems, such as labels falling off, not attaching to porous or uneven surfaces, identifying products obscured by dirt, and label residue left on products once removed.

Our Mattrans Extreme label has been specifically designed to overcome these shortcomings. It’s highly durable to make sure it can withstand prolonged weather exposure, aggressive adhesive is applied to the reverse to ensure it stays where it’s supposed to, and it’s matt face makes it easy to overprint with thermal transfer printers.

2. Medical

If there ever was an industry where identification, tracking and traceability were of the utmost importance, the medical sector is it. With the help of our expertise, the clients we serve achieve full traceability and control over inventory through harsh storage conditions. We specialise in producing self-adhesive medical labels that are capable of withstanding the diverse environments of healthcare facilities.

We excel in printing data onto medical devices, laboratory samples, documentation, sterilisation packs, and waste, helping to reduce human error and adhering to stringent data protection regulations. The self-adhesive autoclave labels we have developed over decades of research are easy to attach, and are able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and sterilisation processes.

3. Food

The labels that we supply to businesses operating in the food and drink sector serve a dual purpose; firstly, they detail ingredient information that must be included by law like allergen information, and secondly, they help brands stand out and can influence the purchasing habits of consumers.

The self-adhesive labels that we produce at Dura-ID Solutions meet stringent regulatory requirements within the food industry, reassuring our clients that their products will be clearly identifiable with full traceability once they get to market. We work collaboratively with the clients we serve to ensure their unique requirements are fulfilled with high quality labels that are compatible with their existing printing systems.

4. Horticulture

After working with clients in the horticultural industry for over 40 years, we’ve established ourselves as the leading supplier of high quality adhesive labels in the industry. Through using the best quality ink and adhesives, we provide complete peace of mind to our clients in the sector as they know our labels can cope with extreme weather conditions.

Our self-adhesive labels can be supplied pre-printed or plain to meet each client’s unique requirements, and they are fully waterproof so they work just as well on plant pots or display tracks. Whether a business wants to discuss plant passports or enquire about the recyclable nature of our products, our team has an in-depth understanding of the sector’s demands and will find the right solution.

5. Recycling

In the recycling and waste management industry, there is naturally a huge emphasis on sustainability. Businesses in the sector want to partner with other like minded businesses that align themselves with the same values that underpin their business. At Dura-ID Solutions, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We provide full transparency on energy usage, plastics or hazardous chemicals used in our production process.

For structures that predominantly remain outside and are exposed to the elements – think skips and wheelie bins – finding the right adhesive can be a challenge. Our labels are made with a special adhesive that provides a firm initial grab and strengthens over time on notoriously difficult surfaces. The labels are also fully waterproof, resistant to all weather conditions, chemical detergents and repeated washing, so they make the ideal solution for any business operating in the recycling sector.

If you work in an industry where adhesive labelling is a necessity and think Dura-ID Solutions could enhance how your business operates, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply fill out this enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact with you.