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    Should I really invest in branding badges for my business?

    22nd March 2022

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s a mantra that is often said in the world of business, and it’s difficult to disagree with.

    Given the ultra-fast nature and short attention span of the world these days, creating a killer first impression isn’t just important for job interviews, customer service and person-to-person situations. It’s also vital that your business and marketing creates an instant impression of warmth, trustworthiness and familiarity.

    According to Forbes, three of the best ways you can create a great first impression is through researching your audience demographics, standing out from the crowd and creating interesting content in a variety of formats.

    One solution that will go some way to creating that all-important first impression is to create a branding badge that will knock the socks off your customers, and blow your competitors out of the water.

    Why are branding badges so important?

    By doing your market research, you can create a branding badge that reflects the demographic you are looking to target. Whether you want to give off an impression of high class and professionalism, or you are looking for a more informal and creative branding badge, there are a multitude of different options that immediately put forward what your organisation is about, simply through the design of your branding badge.

    Dura-ID manufactures your badge from design concept through to the finished article at our Mouldings site. We help you  create a badge that helps you stand out from your competitors and create interest and excitement about the product you want to sell.

    What will Dura-ID do to help me create brilliant branding badges?

    From your initial concept to production, Dura-ID’s dedicated mouldings division will help you to produce a branding badge that you can be proud of.

    We supply a wide range of colours that will lock in your corporate identity, with plenty of finishes and textures to suit your product, including polished, smooth, chromed and even a glow in the dark option. If you opt for plastic branding badges, they can be inlaid with printed vinyl, enamelled or chrome finishes, giving your branding badge a high quality look.

    Our bespoke branding badges are tailored to perfectly fit your requirements and product, whether that be a badge for a curved or flat surface, with adhesive backing, screw holes or both also possible.

    There are many other options for branding badges with Dura-ID as well. From 3D moulded emblems to plastic flat branding badges and semi-rigid badges, our solutions are durable, giving you reliable branding badges that you can trust.

    Badges are also available for vehicles and are long-lasting to cope with any extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

    From bespoke injection moulded badges to identify vehicles to modifying vehicles with a new branding badge, our solutions include grill badges, speaker badges and many more.

    Resin domed self-adhesive branding badges can also be created by Dura-ID. This is a cost-effective alternative to plastic branding badges and they can be bespoke to your design and shape. A raised transparent gloss resin overlay is then added.

    You may want to use branding badges as membership tags to provide any members to your organisation with a bit of something extra. These can be ideal on golf bags, visual identification or in any other way.

    No matter what you use your branding badges for, they are definitely a worthwhile investment to your business not just to attract new customers, but to retain existing ones. They are one of the first indicators of the values that your organisation adheres to, so you should pay particular attention to how you approach your branding badges.

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      Get in touch with Dura-ID Solutions and speak to our expert team to find out more about how we can help, or learn more about our extensive range of label services and software.


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