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    Make your brand instantly recognisable with promotional badges

    In today’s ultra competitive business landscape, the need to effectively market your brand has never been stronger. However, with the advent of social media marketing and other digital strategies, the use of promotional materials like custom-made badges, membership tags, and vinyl lettering and decals are often neglected.

    With the focus for branded marketing activity now fully in the digital realm, these traditional promotional materials are viewed as old-fashioned or obsolete. At Dura-ID, we think they still have a part to play in helping you promote your brand; not only will they help keep your brand in the forefront of the minds of clients and customers, but they are an invaluable asset in improving customer satisfaction, affinity with your brand among staff, and they can even help with security and safety measures.

    What are promotional badges used for?

    When we think of promotional badges, tags or labels, the first two uses that spring to mind are promoting your brand or using them to identify staff in the workplace. But the truth is, these assets fill way more than these uses alone.

    • Brand promotion: for a fraction of the price that a large-scale marketing campaign would cost, a branded promotional badge can have a similar impact. Your logo and brand colours become instantly recognisable to clients and customers at conferences or trade shows, for example.
    • Identification for security purposes: if your business operates from a large site with a few hundred or more staff, it’s virtually impossible to know everyone by name or have every inch of the premises covered at all times. Personalised name badges and security ID badges help your staff with visual identification and enhance security.
    • Monitoring membership: Club membership tags, such as golf bag tags, support membership benefits, rules and visual identification. Bag tags can also be used in conjunction with self-adhesive year labels to monitor paid members over an annual subscription period.
    • Contact information: if a customer or member of the public needs to contact your company about an incident or record an employee’s details for a report they’re writing, promotional tags make this information easily accessible and verifiable.
    • Safety regulations: if your business uses heavy machinery or stores food on-site, vinyl lettering and decals can be used to notify staff that machinery is safe to operate and all required safety regulations are being adhered to.

    Why use promotional badges?

    There are numerous different reasons why businesses in various sectors will choose to have custom promotional badges made. Understanding the reasons why will help you realise if your business needs them and how to make best use of them.

    • Durable: unlike a business card or flyers which tend to be thrown away or become damaged quickly, promotional badges stand the test of time so your brand’s image doesn’t fade in the minds of consumers.
    • Cost effective: when compared to other ways in which you could promote your brand, promotional materials offer a significant cost saving and can be personalised to your exact liking.
    • Identifiable: if everyone in your business wears a tag with your logo and brand colours emblazoned on it, they become instantly recognisable as part of the team. Personal identifiers such as name or employee number can then be used to help identify each member of staff on an individual level.
    • Customisable: whether you want to display names, ID numbers or your brand’s logo, promotional materials like badges, tags and labels can be customised to your exact specification, offering you something truly unique and memorable.
    • Differentiates product from the competition: if the product you produce sets you apart from your competition, then you should have an identifier that makes this clear to the general public. Badges, tags and labels do just that.

    Promote your brand with confidence with Dura-ID

    Dura-ID’s dedicated Mouldings Division produces everything from high quality branding badges and nameplates to promotional items and bag tags. Our team of specialists will guide and support you through all aspects of your project, from refining conceptual design ideas right through to production.

    As a bespoke manufacturer, our products can be tailor made so they can be fixed precisely to a curved or flat surface, an adhesive backing, screw holes or both. The standard injection moulded blanks our team uses can be easily customised during printing by direct digital print, inset digitally printed and laminated vinyl label, or by hot foil stamping.

    We supply a full wide range of colours, to tie in with your brand colours and a variety of finishes and textures including smooth, polished, chromed and even glow in the dark options. Our in-house team are capable of producing low or high quantities to fulfil your order on a range of different products, including plastic branding badges, vehicle badges, resin domed self-adhesive badges, nameplates and signage, promotional products, membership tags, and vinyl lettering and decals.

    Could your business benefit from customisable promotional badge or label solutions? Fill out this form and one of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can offer you a complete end-to-end service, from initial design through to production.

    Get in touch

      Get in touch with Dura-ID Solutions and speak to our expert team to find out more about how we can help, or learn more about our extensive range of label services and software.


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