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Come rain or shine: Outdoor labels


When we think of an object that is in constant contact with the elements outdoors – be it garden furniture, a car or the tiles on a roof – it’s vitally important that they are able to withstand a range of weather conditions. If a heavy downpour or prolonged exposure to heat can damage their appearance or make them less effective, then this is obviously a design flaw.

This is especially true when it comes to outdoor labels. In industries ranging from recycling to construction, these labelling solutions help to display essential information, including barcodes, safety warnings, and instructions for use. At Dura-ID, the labels we produce are made to be entirely weatherproof and with ink that doesn’t fade over time, ensuring the labels don’t become unusable.

Things to consider when selecting outdoor labels

Will the label be exposed to extreme weather?

Prolonged exposure to extreme weather can cause poorly designed labels to fade over time and lose their adhesive value, rendering them essentially useless. When selecting a supplier for your outdoor labels, you need to be confident that the solution they provide is built to last and withstand these tough conditions. Our label solutions are designed to combat subzero temperatures and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, ensuring barcodes remain legible throughout the seasons.

How will various fluids, chemicals and rough handling affect the label?

In addition to harsh temperature fluctuations, it’s likely that labels used for outdoor application will be subject to rigorous cleaning practices, which will involve chemical and thermal exposure. Therefore, the labels you opt for must be capable of coping with these challenging conditions. The solutions we supply to our clients are specifically designed to be robust and durable, meaning they won’t peel off or fade under pressure.

Will the surface that the label is applied to impact how effective it is?

Some label solutions are built in a way that means they are only effective when applied to smooth surfaces. At Dura-ID, we optimise the design of our labels to ensure they perform on uneven and damp surfaces just as well as they do on flat and dry surfaces, which prevents wrinkling, fading or peeling over time.

Industries that use outdoor labels

Outdoor labels are a necessary solution for a range of different industries. They are a key component in helping with storage, transportation, and stock management. At Dura-ID, we collaborate with clients to understand the unique requirements of their environment, which then informs the labels we create for them. Below are some of the industries we supply to.


For over 40 years, we’ve supplied labels and tags that can withstand all types of weather as well as the challenging conditions at the time of application, which has seen us become a leading supplier to this industry. By utilising highly durable materials, the highest quality inks and adhesives, our dedicated horticultural team ensures customers are provided with trustworthy information about the plants they are purchasing.


In such a hostile environment like construction, the tags and labels we produce need to be able to withstand prolonged weathering, creasing and crushing, mechanical handling, irregular product shapes and difficult surfaces. Our team has developed a full range of robust technical labelling solutions to meet the demands of the building and construction sector.


Just like the recycling industry, we take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously at Dura-ID, that’s why we supply solutions with recycled materials where possible. Our durable self-tie labels and hang tags are designed to withstand outdoor exposure, as well as contact with various fluids, chemicals and rough handling that are common within this industry. Plus, because many of our products are made from materials that are recyclable at curbside, they can be easily and responsibly disposed of once they have served their purpose.


The biggest problem associated with timber tagging is the durability of the tags after a period of prolonged weathering. Cold temperatures and UV exposure causes brittleness and damage to tags. The solutions we supply are durable, ensuring they remain legible despite long exposure to harsh conditions.

If you’re looking for label solutions that can stand the test of time in a harsh outdoor environment, then Dura-ID Solutions are the ideal partner for your needs. With extensive experience in a range of sectors, we’ve got the practical knowledge to overcome any challenge. Simply fill out an enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.