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Project Green Tags for Identification: Embracing Compostability and Eco-Friendliness with Certifications

26th October 2023

In a world where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of our minds, every small step towards sustainability counts. That’s why innovative solutions like Project Green Tags have become a beacon of hope for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while still fulfilling practical needs.

Project Green tags, as the name suggests, are all about promoting environmental responsibility and eco-friendliness, particularly when it comes to identification and labelling. One of the most exciting aspects of these tags is their compostability and short-term outdoor suitability. Let’s delve into how these tags are making a positive change in the way we label and identify a variety of things, all while bearing in mind the important certifications they’ve earned.

The Power of Compostability

The first and most remarkable feature of Project Green tags is their compostability. These tags have earned certifications that reinforce their eco-friendly credentials. One certification is PITC-RP-22.02.2022, which tests the products’ modified re-pulpability according to the Fibre Box Association Method. This certification ensures that these tags can be processed and recycled effectively, leaving no harmful residues behind, and further emphasizing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Compostability is a key characteristic for materials used in environmentally conscious projects. These tags are designed to break down naturally, leaving no harmful residues behind. This is a game-changer for industries such as councils, and individuals who are actively seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Whether you’re labelling plants, wheelie bins, or other outdoor items, Project Green tags offer the perfect solution without harming the environment. When it’s time to replace or dispose of these tags, you can rest easy knowing that they will decompose and return to the earth, rather than contributing to the ever-growing problem of non-biodegradable waste.

Ideal for Short-Term Outdoor Exposure

Another standout quality of Green tags is their suitability for short-term outdoor exposure. It’s common for outdoor labels and tags to face harsh weather conditions, making durability and resilience paramount. While these tags might not be suitable for long-term, harsh exposure, they are a perfect fit for situations where you need temporary identification outdoors.

Wheelie bins often require labels for collection change notices, and plants outside need tags to display care instructions and information. Green Tags are up to the task, offering a short-term outdoor solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly.

Customisation and Convenience

Dura-ID, the driving force behind Project Green, goes the extra mile by providing customization options. These tags can be pre-printed and flood-coloured with the details you need. The unique benefit is that you can further personalize them with your specific information, allowing you to print through a thermal transfer printer. This makes these tags versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, while still adhering to eco-friendly principles.

These tags are part of Dura-ID’s eco-friendly sustainable range which is identified by the Eco Dura-logo that can be found on our product specification sheets. This new branding makes the range instantly recognisable as one of our eco-friendly range; from bio-degradable and compostable to fully dissolvable without the micro-plastics that harm the planet.


Project Green tags are a fantastic addition to the growing list of environmentally friendly solutions. By embracing compostability, certifications like PITC-RP-22.02.2022, and adhering to standards such as OK 1 edition E including EN13432 (09-2000), which focuses on the recoverability of packaging through composting and biodegradation, these tags have the potential to make a significant impact on how we label and identify items in an eco-conscious manner.

For businesses and individuals alike, choosing eco-friendly materials like Green Tags is a step towards responsible, sustainable living. It’s an investment not only in a better future for our planet but also in showing others the way towards a greener, more sustainable way of life.

As we continue to seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint, Project Green Tags remind us that even small changes in our labelling process can contribute to a reduction in plastic tax, and a better future. So, let’s embrace these compostable, eco-friendly tags, complete with their impressive certifications, and watch our world transform, one Green Tag at a time.

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