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Duo-Tag: The Versatile Labelling Solution

1st November 2023

Duo-Tag is a revolutionary labelling product that can function as both a self-adhesive label and a durable tag. This innovative design not only saves you money but also streamlines your inventory management. Whether you need a label or a tag, Duo-Tag has got you covered.

It can serve as a self-adhesive label or a strong tag, giving you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate option for your specific needs. This eliminates the hassle of having to purchase separate products, which can save your company money and reduce the complexity of your inventory. For applications where a tag is required, Duo-Tag is compatible with stud welding systems and clips.

Duo-Tag is also designed to work seamlessly with thermal transfer printers, such as the Zebra ZT510. This means that you can easily customize and over-print your labels or tags, making it an ideal choice for organizations with specific branding and information requirements.

In demanding industrial environments, durability is paramount. Duo-Tag is built to withstand the elements. It may not have temperature resistance, but it excels in terms of weathering and outdoor exposure. Its tear-resistant design ensures that your labels and tags remain intact, even in harsh conditions.

Utilise in industries such as:

  • Construction: Label building materials, tools, and equipment for easy identification on construction sites. Whether it’s exposed to sun, rain, or rough handling, Duo-Tag is up to the task.
  • Steel and Metal Manufacturing: Tag metal products and components with confidence. Duo-Tag’s resistance to outdoor exposure is especially valuable in this sector, where many items may spend extended periods outdoors.

Duo-Tag is the ultimate labelling solution for companies seeking to simplify their inventory management and reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards for product identification. Its dual functionality, compatibility with thermal transfer printers, and resistance to the elements make it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling different labels and tags for your industrial needs. With Duo-Tag, you have a single, versatile solution that can adapt to your changing requirements, improve your efficiency, and provide the durability you need. It’s time to make the switch to Duo-Tag and take your labelling to the next level.

Duo-Tag: The Versatile Labelling Solution
Duo-Tag: The Versatile Labelling Solution