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British Steel Turn Up The Heat

16th September 2019

​​As a long term customer of Dura-ID – when British Steel needed to increase the heat at the rod mill, we were ready to provide a new solution. They were currently using Dura-ID’s Rip-proof tags in a variety of colours– but found that if the tag was put on at a slightly higher temperature they were melting and had to double up on the use of labels, in turn costing them much more in lost time and efficiency. It was time to introduce a solution that could deal with the heat and protect the future of their business. “Selecting the right solution is our insurance policy for protecting and future proofing our business” – (Graham – Manufacturing Manager)

Requiring a solution that would withstand a temperature of up to 500°C – the Thermo-Tag is a unique product available only from Dura-ID.

“Dura-ID have gone above and beyond what we would have expected from a labelling supplier, always ensuring that we are operational in the labelling of the coils. Whether it be delivering labels by hand at short notice or making sure our job takes priority, they have been outstanding and we highly recommend them to you.”

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