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PD Edenhall Integrate with their Existing System

16th September 2019

GreconUK (Formally PD Edenhall) required a label that could be printed from an existing excel spread sheet and General Manager Roy Howe approached Dura-Id (IML) for a solution. A further requirement was the need for resilience against water and sunlight.

Dura-ID (IML) provided the full solution – printers, high specification labels and software design. A number of our solutions are BS5609 approved making them ideal for outdoor exposure.

Roy saw a number of benefits from the new solution including:

  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Better product identification
  • Labels remain readable despite being exposed to the elements.

“Research and recommendation directed us to Dura-ID (IML). The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and very helpful in dealing with our initial enquiry, directing us to the correct product for our needs.” Our Area Manager Jason and Systems Manager Steve were on hand for any assistance required throughout the process.

Roy is generally happy with the solution stating that it has integrated with their existing system, reduced errors and wastage and makes product identification easier for the end user.

Categories: Construction

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