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OKI Pro 9

The highest quality graphic printer offering excellent environment durability.

Find out more about the OKI Pro 9, including key features, inks and related software. You can also download the OKI Pro 9 printer specification by filling out the simple form provided at the bottom of this page.

OKI 9 series laser full colour printer
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Is the OKI Pro 9 right for you?

  • Incredible, unrivalled print quality produces stunning images with ease.
  • Amazing media flexibility handling thicknesses up to 360 GSM.
  • Turn labels around quickly with print speeds up to 51 pages per minute.
  • Utilise printed labels outdoors with UV, frost and water resistant print.
  • Set-up and installation support included.

Stick-In Labels
XS505, XS510, XS515, XS305, XS310, XS315, LA15, LA27, LA20

LA04, LA26, LA06, LA32, LA07, LA36, LA28, LA14, LA10, XAQ405, XA410, XA415, XA420, XA425, XA430, XA435, XA440, XA445

LA01, LA02, LA24, LA29, XL110, XL115, XL120, XL125, XL126, XL205, XL210, XL215, XL216, XL220, XL225, XL226

Bed Cards
XX101, XX102, XX301, XX302

XX401, XX402.

Swing Tags
XX120, XX125, XX220, XX520.


  • 8OKI-903, 8OKI-902 – Black Toner & Black Drum
  • 8OKI-905, 8OKI-904  – Cyan Toner & Cyan Drum
  • 8OKI-908, 8OKI-907  – Magenta Toner & Magenta Drum
  • 8OKI-911, 8OKI-910 – Yellow Toner & Yellow Drum

OKI Pro 9 Specification

Fill out the required fields from our quick an easy form to download the printer specification for the OKI Pro 9.

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