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UKCA Mark | Labelling & Printing

10th November 2021

Learn more about the new UKCA mark and how Dura-ID Solutions can support you in the transition to UKCA labelling by the 1st of July 2023.

What is the UKCA mark?

The UKCA (Conformity Assessed) mark, is the new UK certification mark for goods sold within the UK. Previously manufacturers could use the CE mark, but since leaving the European Union, Great Britain has brought in its own regulations and standards for goods being sold in the UK, which need to meet specific health, safety, and environmental rules. Businesses may also want to apply to be UKCA approved to give customers confidence in their products and to show that they have been through assessments to become UKCA accredited.

The UKCA mark was introduced on the 1st of January 2021 and businesses must aim to comply as soon as possible. However, to allow businesses time to adjust to the change, it will not be made mandatory until the 1st of July 2023. After then, the CE mark will not be recognised for goods sold within the UK, but will still be required if you sell goods within the European Union.

Who needs to use it?

Any business selling goods within the UK market in industries such as constructionhealthcareengineering and many more, will need to provide a UKCA mark. This will be labelled on either the product, packaging or documentation. Types of products may include roof trusses, timber frames, aggregates, medical devices, PPE, machinery, lifts, cableways, and gas appliances, to name a few.

To become UKCA approved, you must work with a UK approved body to conduct a conformity assessment on your manufacturing process, which shouldn’t take too long if you were previously CE approved. Find the list of government-approved bodies here: UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies

 A declaration of conformity must be completed for all UKCA marked products sold within the UK.

The legal document must include the following:
  • Name/address of the manufacturer
  • Model and/or serial number of equipment
  • List of relevant directives
  • A list of standards used, with dates + amendments
  • Declaration statement
  • Notified body details
  • Name and position of the person signing
  • Signature
  • Date

Rules for using the UKCA mark?

  • The proportions of the UKCA markings should not be changed
  • Should be at least 5mm in height
  • Be easily visible and legible
  • Must be placed on the product or packaging or in some cases documentation
  • Must only be placed on a product by you as the manufacturer or an authorised representative
  • You must not attach any other markings on your product that may affect the visibility, legibility or meaning of the UKCA mark.


How can Dura-ID Solutions Help?

  • Our labels and tags have been developed to last in harsh environments, such as construction, healthcare, and engineering. This ensures your product remains identified with the new UKCA mark throughout your product’s lifecycle.
  • Improve the legibility and visibility of your UKCA mark by utilising the high quality UV inks used on our presses.
  • Adapt to the change in regulation easily and reduce wasted pre-printed stocks, by bringing your printing in-house with the use of our thermal transfer or full-colour printers.
  • Our in-house technical team can assist with label designs in LabelDirectBartender, and EnLabel to make sure your UKCA mark complies with the set guides.

For more information contact us on 0114 242 2111 or email

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