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Labels for the Chemical Industry

Our chemical labels withstand demanding applications and environments, speeding up production turnaround and increasing efficiency and workflow.

BS5609 Approved Labels for Hazardous Goods

Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, being transported by road or sea, call for clear concise labelling, applied to the outer packaging to communicate important data at a glance. BS5609 marine approval is the “gold standard” which ensures that your labels meet the quality standards to remain in place and legible for a minimum of 3 months should a container enter the sea following a cargo spillage.

The BS5609 standard is broken down into 3 parts relating to the water-resistance of the adhesive, the face material and, finally, the printing. 

All our chemical labelling materials are BS5609 marine approved; several meet the full three part standard when used in conjunction with a Dura-ID approved print solution. 

With so many different labelling materials and printing systems available on the market today, guaranteeing the best long-term investment for your business can be confusing. As industry leaders we’re here to provide expert advice and unbiased recommendation to guide you towards the best choice for your business.

Regulation not Replication

In the early days of GHS implementation, label design was heavily weighted towards achieving compliance and, as a result, many labels looked similar – dominated by the mandatory red diamonds with black text and symbols.

Today the chemical labelling wish-list has completely changed. Dura-ID Solutions has witnessed a monumental shift towards the combination of compliance and corporate branding. 

Suppliers of chemicals require their regulatory labels to serve as a marketing tool – displaying corporate identity on an attractive full colour label, printed in-house and capable of presenting various different components on a single, professional looking label. 

Dura-ID Solutions is leading the charge in this specialised field and we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each system to find the right solution for you.     

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Large Format or Roll-To-Roll

Full colour, continuous media label printers have been hailed as a game-changer by the chemical industry. High definition printing is now possible at fast print speeds which, in turn, improve production throughput, supports flexibility and decreases long-term costs.

We produce a range of BS5609 compliant labels, for use in inkjet and laser full colour printers. Bringing label printing in-house means layouts can be generated and updated with ease whilst creative ideas can be prototyped in-house leaving you 100% in control of the process and fine-tuning.

The NeuraLabel 600e laser printer can combine several label components onto a single, large format label e.g. regulatory symbols, branding, IMDG transport diamonds, hazard statements, batch information and multi-lingual text.

The Epson ColorWorks 6000 Series is a high specification inkjet printer that can handle variable label widths.

The OKI Pro 10 Series takes label creativity and flexibility to another level. Professional product labels can now be printed on-demand, in-house using a variety of economical labelling materials including PP, PET and Polyolefin.

Label on chemical IBC
Chemical bottles
Label on chemical IBC
Roll-to-roll Chemical Label

Full Colour, Sheet Fed

Dura-ID Solutions stocks premium quality, BS5609 approved laser printable A4 sheets in popular formats (1, 2, 4 & 8 per sheet). These are available for next working day delivery on orders processed before 2pm. When used in conjunction with an OKI ES7411 or ES7412 printer, the resultant overprinted label conforms to full, part 3, BS5609 approval (relating to the adhesive, face material and print).

Our laser printable sheets are manufactured using specialised techniques to overcome common problems associated with laser printing, such as static build-up and adhesive transfer.  We strip out a narrow margin around the edge of laser printable sheets to prevent any adhesive coming into contact with the internal mechanism, or rollers, of your printer during the printing process.  This helps to prolong the lifespan of your printer and reduce downtime due to jams.

Sheet fed laser printing is a good way of introducing full colour in-house label printing for small to medium volume users.  Ongoing costs can be significantly reduced by introducing an OKI Smart Managed Print Contract, talk to our Chemical Team today to check potential savings for your business.

Full colour chemical label
Full colour label on chemical bottle
Sheet Fed Chemical Labels

Single & Two Colour Thermal Transfer

There is a good reason thermal transfer label printing has stood the test of time.  Fast print speeds, low running costs, inexpensive media and ruggedly constructed printers guarantee their place within the chemical sector.

The vast majority of thermal transfer printers offer single colour printing (normally black). We can supply part-printed media (incorporating regulatory red diamonds) for you to overprint on-site with black text and pictograms. We’ll happily lend a hand getting your printing system set up with the labels to ensure the print is aligned to your label layout.

CAB printers offer an economical way of printing GHS compliant labels in-house, in red and black, using blank label media.

Dura-ID Solutions also stock a range of consumables for thermal transfer printers. We will recommend the best ribbon-to-label combination to guarantee optimum print quality.

Two colour chemical label
Two colour chemical bottle label
Thermal Image 2

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Whatever your application, Dura-ID Solutions has the expertise to guide you towards the best identification solution for your business.

As an identification solutions provider, Dura-ID Solutions can provide you with a full system to allow you to take all your labelling requirements in-house. Alongside labels, we also offer printers, software, consumables and technical support.

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